Raptor Watch 2012



Venue : Tanjung Tuan PNB Ilham Resort, 10th Mile, Port Dickson
Date : 10 - 11 March 2012
Admission : n/a

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Description : This year, we bring you RAPTOR HUNT (treasure hunt) and GREENaid , a concert by musicians passionate about our natural heritage and our conservation efforts. Nature guided walks and talks are planned out for both days, The Great Green Clean Up, an initiative by Green Living asking you to help clean up designated locations and exciting games for both adults and children including repelling.

And at Raptor Watch 2012 always be mindful and look up ahead beyond the skies and lookout for these wonderful creatures. Come equipped with binoculars and bring your mats/tikar for GREENaid. See you there!

To do list
  • Walk up the lighthouse and capture a breathtakingly close-up view of the raptors as they coast in from Sumatera.
  • Join the MNS Nature Guides on a forest walk and get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve.
  • Sign up for a marine walk and discover the intriguing secrets of this vital ecosystem.
  • Learn more about nature and conservation – take a break from the searing heat and enjoy the cool wisdom of numerous speakers as they enlighten you on raptors, mangroves, the hottest camera and binocular equipment and so much more!
  • Sit back with a cool drink and enjoy the soothing sounds of acoustic performances by well renowned artists at the Gazebo.
  • Shop till you drop! We’ve loads of items and merchandise for you to get your hands on at special RW only prices.
  • Test your wits, luck and skill – play a game, score, and win prizes!
  • Drop by the Green Living Booth and find out how easy it is to do your part for the environment – from recycling, reusing, and reducing to composting and other great ideas.
  • Find out more about MNS, meet our dedicated volunteers and sign up as a member to support our endless work for conservation and the protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage.
Forest and marine walk
Tanjung Tuan’s rich natural offerings will leave you much to marvel over. This is why our forest walks & marine/ seashore walks are the highlights of RW 2012.
Whether it’s a walk through the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve, or traipsing through the Mangrove Swamp, the sights, sounds, and smells will definitely have a lasting impression on you. You will be lead by trained (and very engaging!) nature guides.
So join us! You will surely take home from RW 2012, abundant knowledge and a better appreciation of the flora and fauna of Malaysian ecosystems.
Fun and games
Definitely for the young-at-heart, we have got a fun line-up of games plus, prizes to be won to keep you grinning ear to ear!
Just purchase a ticket booklet at our registration booth, and your good to go!
All proceeds will go to our Raptor Research Fund.
Arts and crafts
This year we have face-painting and tattoo stamping!
Just purchase a ticket booklet at our registration booth, and your good to go!
All proceeds will go to our Raptor Research Fund.
GREENaid Concert 2012 
Throughout RW 2011, raptors ruled the skies while music filled the air. RW2012 is going to be more exciting.
This year we bring you GREENaid, a concert supported by local bands fighting for the same cause.
Educational talks and workshops
As RW is an event designed to cultivate more awareness on the conservation of birds and their habitat, we hope to add emphasis to this via our educational talks and workshops.
More updates on this coming soon!


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