Bintang Idola Berita Harian 2012


  • Closing / Period Date :  10 March 2013


    About : Anda mahu bergelar juara bintang idoala BH 2012? Kina anda boleh membuat uji bakat di mana saja. Rakan dan hantar nyanyian anda kepada Berita Harian menerusi Youtube sekarang!!!


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        zeroplan.blogspot & zeroplan.facebook are not manage and build this event. Date, Venue, Time and Tickets price about to change without prior notice. Decision based on information that we collect maybe are not true and may cost you a risk and loss. Please be advice to check the official website and organizer to confirm your journey and activity. Do notice us if the event and our post were canceled, postponed or wrong. Thank You, Admin ZeroPlan Malaysia.

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