Leehom Music-Man II Round World Tour Malaysia


 & Pahang
  • Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
  • Date : 29 & 30 March 2013 : 8.30pm
  • Admission :  RM293, RM393, RM523 & RM663 (Perday)


About : Galaxy Group towards the wonderful 19th anniversary once again invited to the firepower of Lee Hom "skillet" in Malaysia! Lee Hom "Music Man II firepower World Tour Malaysia Concert Round II, 29 and 30 2013, 20:30, Genting Arena of Stars, the firepower detonated! Concert tickets will be held December 17, 1999 (Monday) to become fully open ticket!

365 days apart, Lee Hom Music Man identity again boarded Genting Arena of Stars, to shuttle different era, leading the fans to his music and theatrical performances, is bound to make everyone a very contraptions music! Music Man Wang Lee Hom will be the essence of Chinese culture, martial arts, into the Syrah music, firepower as a strategic, world music occupied the "heart" of the fans! Lee Hom "Music Man" with his firepower upgrade upgraded version back to Malaysia, whether it is music, dance, concerts war service, hearing or visual will upgrade again in order to repay the support and affection of fans over the years!

Remember that 20,003 people attended the concert, Leehom Wang all the stops in the last game, more than the violin, piano, erhu, and dance, more the one avatar hex interpretation of classic songs Acapella way, he also sat in white spaceship-type objects piano sing three songs, "things you do not know", "love wrong", as well as the "heartbeat" to close the concert and the fans, and suddenly the scene artless screen and high atmosphere extreme! Leehom interpretation of "let you go" to lead the audience 20,003 people shouted "I love you", including Chinese, Korean, Cantonese, of course, of the four languages ​​Malay, nor forget immediately sent for some the site fans chanted the "Saya Cinta Padamu" fragment to the Internet, so that fans everywhere can feel the enthusiasm of the Malaysian fans.




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