16th Miss Tourism International 2012 World Final Banquet


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       & Selangor
      • Venue : Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Grand Ballroom, Bandar Sunway
      • Date : 31 December 2012 : 7.30pm
      • Admission :  RM303 per seat


      About : 16th Miss Tourism International 2012 – ‘Bringing the World Together’

      Beauty pageants have always been an interesting topic, and in recent years, they have developed much in terms of excitement, interest and diversity. Contestants not only have to showcase their beauty, but also match their looks with their wits to clinch the crown!

      With this in mind, the 16th Miss Tourism International will be held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Petaling Jaya on December 31, 2012, which will see a participation of 55 beauties from around the world.

      The Miss Tourism International beauty pageant had its roots in Malaysia in 1994.  Gradually earning prominence, it is now globally recognised as an international event. Since the inaugural event, most of the World Finals have had been held in Malaysia, except for the 2006 event in China.

      An Annual Beauty Pageant

      Datuk Danny Ooi, the president and franchise owner of Miss Tourism International, is coincidentally the founder of The Malaysia Book of Records. Not only is the pageant held with the purpose of creating a platform for different cultures around the world to interact and enrich one another, it is also placing Malaysia on the world stage.

      Malaysia’s traditional elements and culture, such as batik and local cuisine, have always been incorporated into the pageant so that the beauty queens could have a better understanding, awareness and knowledge of Malaysia.

      Gabriella Aileen Robinson created history when she became the first ever Miss Malaysia to win the coveted Miss Tourism International 2011 Title, beating 53 other delegates. The 22-year-old grew up with a passion for the Performing Arts, and always dreamed of becoming a public figure and a role model with hopes of making a difference and promoting her country to the world.

      Gabriella is active in voluntary social work. She has been performing her own dance choreography to raise funds for charity events. She recently set up Gabriella Productions, in co-operation with D’Touch International to organise the national-level Miss Malaysia Tourism pageant. The journey does not end there for Gabrielle as she is currently working on several projects as Miss Tourism International 2011/12 while hoping to continue on in her role as an Ambassador for Malaysia.

      Theme of the Year

      The theme for Miss Tourism International 2012 is “Celebrate the World Festivals Together.”  By bringing 55 delegates from around the globe, we would like to achieve the vision of a Global Village.  Differences in cultural, geographical and religious backgrounds are blended into one festive and joyful event as we make our way into 2013 together.

      Do you know that the vibrant traditional Panamanian dress is known as La Pollera?  Bielgee, the traditional Mongolian dance (almost) does not involve any feet movement at all?  And there are more than 700 living languages being spoken in Indonesia?    

      The delegates would come together, donning their traditional costumes while putting up diverse cultural performances.  While audiences are enjoying the performance, this is the actual moment of embracing the world as one, right here in Malaysia.

      Playing host to national beauty queens from around the world, the Miss Tourism International World Final is the only New Year’s Eve pageant held on an annual basis. The pageant not only provides beauty queens with the opportunity to display their grace, but it also helps Malaysia to nurture tourism and international relations.

      Prior to the finals, the beauty queens will participate in various promotional events and visits, encompassing the Northern and Southern regions of Malaysia. At the same time, they will raise Funds for disadvantaged groups and welfare organisations through charity dinners.



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