Unit Asia Southeast Asian Tour 2012

Unit Asia Southeast Asian Tour 2012


Venue : KL Live
State : Kuala Lumpur 
Date : 9 February 2012 : 8pm
Admission : RM100 & RM150
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Description : "unit asia" which was formed by five top musicians of Asia with "Asian Jazz of future" in a full of energy will perform enthusiastic stage in Southeast Asia! 

"unit asia"
Isao "SANKICHI" Miyoshi(Guitar)
Koh Mr. Saxman (Saxophone)
Cher Siang Tay (Piano)
Shigeki Ippon (Bass)
Hiroyuki Noritake (drums)

We are planning to hold Southeast Asia Tour "unit asia" formed by five Asian musicians from late January through the middle of February in 2012. "unit asia" is a jazz unit from Asia formed by five outstanding musicians with rich individuality. With the aim to "Create a new type of music (jazz) by prominent jazz musicians who have been active in Asia", "unit asia" was formed at an opportunity of our 1st Southeast Asia tour (in Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand, organized by the Japan Foundation) which was held for one month from middle of October in 2008, members consist of three very talented Japanese musicians who have been active aggressively in Japanese jazz and fusion scenes, Isao Miyoshi (guitar), Hiroyuki Noritake (drums), Shigeki Ippon (bass), and a Thai star saxophone player, Koh Mr. Saxman and a promising pianist from Malaysia, Cher Siang Tay. In Southeast Asia tour of 2008, they developed their music as well as deepen understanding and friendship among musicians every time they performed, and they displayed performances with full of originality and life, received the highest praise from the persons concerns in music and the media of each place at the same time to roll up the audiences in each performance place in a storm of the impression. 

In February of 2009, they released an album titled "unit asia Debut! from Southeast Asia Tour 2008" which was recorded live in that tour. In October of 2010, they released latest album "Smile for You". This is their practical 1st album, and wins high praise. In November of 2011, their 2nd overseas performance tour "Middle East & India tour 2010" (organized by the Japan Foundation) was held in Cairo (Egypt), Ankara (Turkey), Chennai and Kolkata (India), they displayed the stages in a full of energy and received enthusiastic sensation in each place. 

On the basis of mutual friendship and passion to this unit that they have deepened in their activities ever, five musicians' predominant performance abilities and versatile musical sense as well as diverse music elements such as rock and pops on the basis of jazz are incorporated into their original tunes at will, "unit asia" creates "Asian Jazz of the present progressive" which overflowed in originality beyond the framework of nation, culture and music genre. 

"unit asia" which was born in Southeast Asia in 2008 will perform more developed "Asian Jazz of future" at each place in coming Southeast Asia tour in 2012, and they will present new possibility of Asian Jazz not only for music fans but also for lots of young musicians who intend to be a jazz musician as well. Please expect to "unit asia". 


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