Figh Medic 'Becoming a Better Muslim'



Venue : IMU, Bukit Jalil
Date : 31 March 2012 : 8am - 4pm
Admission : RM20, Student & RM30 - Including Light Breakfast and Lunch

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Description : 
                        DR. ZAINUR RASHID ZAINUDDIN

Have any of us ever thought of what does it take to become a good doctor? Well, the answer is easy. Be a good Muslim. "Why?" you may ask. Well, it's elementary, actually. Once you say and believe in the shahadatain, you are a Muslim but good Muslims are those who work hard into realizing the shahadah. And one of the ways to do this is to thoroughly follow the teaching of Islam. And Islam command us to excel in everything that we do including as a son, parents, brothers, friends, housewives, househusbands, medical practitioners, students or in short, anything that we can be.

Thus, with the aim of becoming a better Muslim, that is, a Muslim better than we are of yesterday, IMU Muslim Society (MSOC) is organizing an event called Fiqh Medic, in order to educate each and everyone of us about the Islamic view on the new advancement of this field and also the responsibilities of healthcare workers. We are hoping that, through this event,  students can be armed with enough knowledge to become a good Muslim doctor. There are also some side activities that might be able to instill good deeds in our everyday life.

This event has two separate parts (Part I and II), each focuses on different themes that are considered as a "must know" for us all.

Part I will focus more on:
    1)      An introduction to fiqh medicine – what Medical Fiqh is all about
    2)      Maqasid (the objective of) Syariah relevant to Medical Fiqh
    3)      Qawa'id Fiqhiyyah relevant to Medical Fiqh.

    1)   To produce well informed Muslim medical practitioner who knows the dos and don’ts in
           practicing medicine.
    2)   To produce competent Muslim doctor who know their responsibilities towards their patients.
    3)   To inform the participants about the Islamic views on the new developments in medical

    1)     All Medical related students (medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy, biotech, all students :P)
    2)     Healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, dentists, medical assistants, pharmacists etc)
    3)      Everyone who is interested to learn more on this matter
    4)     and you…YES…DEFINITELY YOU


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