Magic Mirror The Musical 2011

Magic Mirror The Musical 2011

Music Carnival

Venue : Istana Budaya
State : Kuala Lumpur
Date : 25 November - 4 December 2011
Admission : RM103 - RM303
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Description : Yayasan Guan Yin was set up in May 1999 in response to our government´s efforts to promote a more caring society and to help alleviate the plight of the less fortunate. The mission set forth by the Foundation is to "Create activities to promote the ideals of loving kindness and compassion and fulfil the educational, social and culture obligations towards society".

It is a belief that Avolokitesvara Bodhisattvas, or Guan Yin, does not appear in any form or shape. In order to edify and provide guidance to all sentient beings, the Bodhisattva takes on many different roles and appearances to deal with varied situations and the diverse group of people surrounding them. "Magic Mirror The Musical 2011" is organised and presented by Yayasan Guan Yin, to depict the magical manifestations and profound compassion of Avolokitesvara Bodhisattvas in an artistic format and play.

"Magic Mirror The Musical 2011" will be premiered on 25th November 2011, at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur and will continue to run until the 4th December 2011. It will feature the renowned Chinese dancer / choreographer, Professor Yu Xiao Xue and a team of highly talented casts comprising of performing artistes from China and Malaysia.

Most Malaysians had the opportunity to witness the dancing prowess of Professor Yu when he was featured on the "Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes Theatrical Performance" in 1999 and 2001, followed by "Magic Mirror The Musical 2011" in 2008, all performances organized by Yayasan Guan Yin. Once again we are fortunate that he and his casts will be performing in the "Magic Mirror The Musical 2011" with more zest, vigour and creativity for the enjoyment and pleasure of the Malaysian audience.

In additional, the famous Chinese stage designer / engineer, Mr. Ren Dong Sheng has been roped in to join Prof. Yu to design the stage for the &Magic Mirror The Musical 2011". Master Ren will also help design and present an array of traditionally rich and innovating costumes for all the casts to impress and fascinate the audience.

Besides the talented casts, performers and impressive stage design, the "Magic Mirror The Musical 2011" will be once again accompanied by enchanting Buddhist music and lyrics composed by Mr. Chow Kam Leong, a renowned music composer and song writer in this country.

With the combined expertise from this team, the staging of the "Magic Mirror-The Musical" will create and present an amazing mixture of music, sound, dances and drama depicting art in its purest form during the presentation of the "Magic Mirror The Musical 2011".

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