Teater Sri Mersing

Teater Sri Mersing


Venue : Bandar Indoor Stadium, Johor Bahru
State : Johor
Date :
15 July 2011 : 8.30pm
16 July 2011 : 3.00pm & 8.30pm
17 July 2011 : 3.00pm & 8.30pm
Admission : RM25 - RM50

Description : While on a study trip back from Pulau Penyengat to Pahang, Merah, son of Damak, stops over at Mersing. He is intrigued as to why his father has always forbid him to go to Mersing.

Merahonly knows that his father had a friendship with a lady named Sri Mersing. His intentions were well received by Sri Mersing and her daughter Sri Melati. Unfortunately that was not the case with certain village folk especially those that support Bentayan, the headman of Mersing’s son.

Sri Mersing reminisces about Merah’s father, Damak that ventured to Mersing with his mother and brother, Deli. Damak was an honest and sincere lad. When Damak had to save Sri Mersing from being kidnapped, he had to fight with Awang Sulong. When he loss, Awang told lies that forced Damak to be expelled from the village.

Sri Mersing’s father, Pak Malau later found out that Awang was the one behind Sri Mersing’s disappearance. Although Pak Malau tried to persuade Damak and his family otherwise, Damak still left the village.

Merah, like his father before him, received the same fate when he was wrongly accused. Merah’s arrival to Mersing brought resentment to those who ruled the village. On the other hand, villagers who wanted a change in Mersing, welcomed Merah, especially since he was a religious scholar. Despite all this, Merah choose to return to Pahang, his home state.

Both story lines, arrival of Merah and the original Sri Mersing epic moves parallel, but both ends the same, with both of them, Damak and Merah returning to Pahang.

We hope that this theatre production will give a glimpse into the live of the Malays decades ago as well as relive the Sri Mersing classical movie.


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