SOBA, The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2011

SOBA, The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2011

Contest & Competition

Deadline for submission of entries :15 August 2011

Description : The Star Outstanding Business Awards (The SOBA) honours local enterprises for excelling in areas that span across sectors. This means we will be looking at businesses that do well with their bottom lines, as well as performance at the forefront in anticipating the future needs of the company and economy sector in which they operate in. An enterprise that knows how to adjust its operational procedures to meet environmental concerns and – in the process – grow its profits, will stand out.

Particular attention will be given to local businesses that export their products or services, as they help to promote Malaysia as a global centre of commercial excellence. We envisaged that those who are awarded The Star Outstanding Business Awards are looking towards listing on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in the not too distant future.

The SOBA is organised by The Star with the official auditor being BDO.

The Star Outstanding Business Awards are established to promote excellence and stimulate positive competition, showcasing the achievements attained by outstanding businesses with the following key objectives:

To recognise the role and contributions of outstanding businesses towards the nation and the economy;
To encourage local enterprises to continue developing and elevating their businesses;
To motivate and inspire home-grown businesses to aim for excellence in their products and services; and
To celebrate and highlight the achievements of local enterprises that have contributed to the growth of the community.

Businesses are evaluated based on excellence attained in the different fundamental areas, which are pertinent to every organisation. As such the spectrum is broad and will cut across divisions of sectors.

The Award categories and criteria are as follows:

SOBA1 Technology / ICT
Awarded to the local enterprise that effectively uses Information and Communications Technology to enhance their products and services, giving them global reach with minimum resources.
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SOBA2 Best Use of Media
Awarded to the local enterprise that knows how to employ the many different media available to promote their products and services.
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SOBA3 Outstanding Malaysian Brand
An opportunity for Malaysians and Star readers to vote for their favourite local enterprise based on information of the shortlisted candidates posted on the organizer's website. This award goes to the local enterprise that has invested in building a strong Malaysian brand that is valued and appreciated by Malaysians.
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SOBA4 Community
Awarded to a local enterprise that is strong in corporate social responsibility. An example of this is a local enterprise that apportions part of its profits and other resources to serving the needs of the community.
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SOBA5 Environment
Awarded to the local enterprise that exhibits high environmental awareness, particularly with regard to their production facilities and procedures, specific environmental programmes or initiatives undertaken and/or as part of the local enterprises overall vision and mission.
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SOBA6 Best Employer
Human capital is one of the most vital resources that determine the success of a local enterprise. In recognition of employers who have demonstrated commitment towards human capital, this award is given to a local enterprise, which is positioned as a leading organisation for which to work for.
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SOBA7 Innovation Award
Awarded to the local enterprise with innovative ideas, processes, products and / or services that have contributed to the success of the company and its employees and stakeholders.
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SOBA8 Global Market Award
Awarded to the local enterprise that has made an impact in the global market and excelled in international networking, with at least half of its revenue being generated from exports.
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SOBA9 Rising Star Award
Awarded to new and up-and-coming local enterprise that has displayed great potential to become a successful player in the local and / or international markets.
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SOBA10 Entrepreneur of the Year
Awarded to the most outstanding entrepreneur who has propelled his/her company forward with vision, innovation and farsightedness. The applicant should have demonstrated exemplary management and leadership skills, with the local enterprise under his/her leadership achieving an amirable and profitable track record.
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SOBA11 Business of the Year
Applicants for this award must meet the official Malaysian government's definition of a Small-to-Medium sized Enterprise. This award will be awarded to the local enterprise that has received the overall highest ratings and is generally the best in market with exemplary track record in most areas. A local enterprise that ranks high in many of the award categories listed above is likely to be a frontrunner for this encompassing and illustrious award.


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