Incubus Kuala Lumpur Tour 2011

Incubus Kuala Lumpur Tour 2011


Venue : Stadium Negara
State : Kuala Lumpur
Date : 23 July 2011 : 8pm
Admission : RM 183 (For Tune Talk subscribers) & RM 203 (Normal Price)

Description : International American rock band, Incubus, will make their return to Kuala Lumpur for a one-night-only concert at Stadium Negara, on 23rd July 2011 (Saturday). From Calabasas, California, Incubus brought together hard rock, metal, funk and pop melodies to great success in the first decade of the 21st century. A hit with both modern rock and mainstream audiences, Incubus conquered radio with a series of relationship songs that may have sanded down the band´s rough edges but secured a large fan following.

Incubus started branching out creatively and earned mainstream recognition with the release of their 1999 album Make Yourself. In 2001, Incubus became even more successful with the single "Drive" and their follow up album Morning View. The band recently completed a seventh studio album, If Not Now, When?, which will be released in July. With their seemingly unstoppable fame, there couldn´t be a more exciting time to catch this band live. If not now, when? You definitely do not want to miss this night.

Brandon Boyd on the new album: "If Not Now, When? is the coalescing of this slow arc. The wave that has been traveling so long, about to break. A force that is capable of both beauty and destruction, but is most noteworthy because of it´s uniqueness as an event that will never occur again. Waves have broken before it, waves will break afterwards, but each one is an individual canvas. This one is ours. Yours and mine. So, if success is a drug, then Incubus is a functioning addict. I know how trite it sounds to be commenting on our own success but I see our addiction as a collective one. You have enabled us thus far and what we are creating in the process will be worthy of conversation for a long time to come. When I say ‘WE’ I mean you and I. All of us. This is, after all, a conversation that started in the early 90´s and has continued until today. A stroll along a winding path through many landscapes and over much terrain. Yes, our bones ache, our dogs are barkin´, our shoes have holes in them, and we don´t look as good with our shirts off anymore. But that doesn´t mean we won't keep walking! And conversing along the way. I´d like to start thinking of success less as an opiate and more of a segue into the good parts of a conversation. See you soon, girls and boys. We love making music and we feel blessed and grateful to have your attentions today and hopefully tomorrow!"


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