Miss Insta Asia 2011 (Competition)

Miss Insta Asia 2011 (Competition )

Contest Registration Ends : 1 September 2011

Prizes :
Miss Insta Asia – $20 000;
Miss Sporty – $3 000;
Forex Lady – $3 000;
Miss Bikini – $3 000;
Miss Asian Enigma – $3 000;
Miss Top Comment – $3 000.

Description : Miss Insta Asia seems to be the most unordinary beauty contest in the Internet with its own peculiarities. Miss Insta Asia is devoted to absolutely all the ladies living in the Asian region of the world. It is the most honest, incorruptible and unbiased contest in the Web.

Residing in one of the forty--eight Asian countries you are able to challenge your luck and the power of charm. And what you have to do is only go through a very simple registration procedure on the website, upload your photographs (not less than five) and a short story describing your personality. If you feel part of Asia even though you were born outside the dwelled on territory and have no Asian roots, it is also possible to partake in the contest. You just need to write a few additional phrases in the story about you stating why you want to get enrolled.

Ladies! Dare and make your dreams come true! Let the Internet community find out about you! Numerous pools and surprises are in store for you! Fortune smiles upon the brave!

Link : http://miss-instaforex-asia.com/en/about/


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