Rock 4 Right (Music Carnival)

Rock 4 Right (Music Carnival)

Venue : Fort Cornwallis, Penang
Date : 2 April 2011 : 12pm-12AM
Admission : Free

Description : Rock 4 Rights is a 12-hour non-stop carnival, which runs from 12pm to 12am. There will be loads of activities including performances from local indie bands, poetry reading, street theater, film screenings by KOMAS, a flea market and of course food and drinks.

So whom are the artists performing? Here they are. Be amazed!

Performing bands and artists:
1. Barcode
2. Maharajah Commission
3. Lord Bobo’s Minions
4. An Honest Mistake
5. MC Stiff
6. Azmyl Yunor
7. Car Crash Hearts
8. Amirah Ali
9. Nik Izrin and the Casual Passengers
10. Ksatriya
11. Project Ei8ht
12. Paid in Fiction
13. Iqbal M
14. Keladak
15. Petak Daud
16. Hocy
17. Asang
18. Fazleena
19. Bittersweet – Guest Performer
20. Couple – Guest Performer
21. Nurui Izzah – Guest Performer

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